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Differences Between GBWhatsApp 2023 and Original WhatsApp!

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Hey, what’s up! Did you know that GBWhatsApp 2023 was launched a few days ago, which has many tech fans eager to experience the unique features of GBWhatsApp 2023. It also made people ask the question: what is the difference between GBWhatsApp 2023 and the original WhatsApp so that people are paying so much attention to it? This article therefore compares and contrasts the differences between GBWhatsApp 2023 and the original WhatsApp from a different perspective, in the hope that it will answer the questions for those who have the same doubts.

GBWhatsApp 2023 VS Original WhatsApp

Chat & Media

FeaturesGBWhatsApp 2023Original WhatsApp
Voice message size100MB16MB
Images that can be sent at onceup to 90up to 30
Sendable media sizeup to 50MBup to 16MB

Privacy & Security

FeaturesGBWhatsApp 2023Original WhatsApp
Hide blue tick
Hide typing status
Hide online status
Anti-delete messages

Themes & Icons

FeaturesGBWhatsApp 2023Original WhatsApp
Available themes3000+Only dark or light theme
Changeable app icons

Which one should be downloaded?

In summary, you can obviously see the difference between GBWhatsApp 2023 and the original WhatsApp: GBWhatsApp 2023 offers more possibilities for users, while the original WhatsApp offers more restrictions. However, they both have the same basic functionality. So here’s a good tip for those who are not sure whether they should download GBWhatsApp 2023 or the original WhatsApp: if you are a stickler for the rules and don’t require much from a chat app, the original WhatsApp has more than enough features; but if you like to explore new features and want to feel more the power of technology, then you should go for GBWhatsApp 2023, with its exclusive features that will not disappoint you. Don’t hesitate to get a taste of GBWhatsApp 2023!

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