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GB WhatsApp Download APK Latest Version 17.80 New Update 2024 | Official

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Latest Version 2024: V17.80

Discover a variety of GB WhatsApp language versions tailored to your preferences and language requirements.

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EnglishGB WhatsApp Download
FrançaisTélécharger GB WhatsApp
IndonesiaGB WhatsApp Terbaru
EspañolDescargar GB WhatsApp
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The highly anticipated release of GB WhatsApp 2024 is finally here. GB WhatsApp focuses primarily on the recent messaging revolution—message security. And GB WhatsApp 2024 aims to provide the features that the original WhatsApp was limited in. It now boasts over 600 million users, spanning across various countries and regions worldwide. As a new alternative to the original WhatsApp, the development team has made every effort to make GB WhatsApp V17.80 more unique, functional, and user-friendly. It’s the perfect time to download GB WhatsApp APK and embrace all the transformative changes its technology brings.

What’s News in GB WhatsApp V17.80?

  • Added New “Msg a number” UI design
  • Added Options to hide Save and Mark Seen buttons on status page
  • Added Load custom font
  • (1- Select “Custom” from font style, then 2- use Load font option)
  • Added Option to Hide Status Cutter FAB
  • Added GB WhatsApp Backup (Titanium) updated automatically daily
  • Added more Anti-ban protection
  • Added MAX Anti-ban protection
  • Enabled Proxy Settings (Settings > Storage and data > Proxy Settings)
  • Enabled Keep messages option when disappearing mode is active (Long press any message)
  • Enabled edit messages
  • Fixed Auto reply / forward crash
  • Fixed WhatsApp fingerprint lock issues
  • Fixed Many custom text status icons
  • Fix issue of 1 hour ban for some users
  • Improved Anti-ban more than before
  • Misc Enjoy and discover by yourself!
  • Misc Other fixes and improvements

What is GB WhatsApp?

Discover GB WhatsApp, one of the popular mods of the original WhatsApp. Also known as GB WhatsApp, GB WS and GB WA, GB WhatsApp retains the core functionality of the original app, offering secure end-to-end encrypted chat service and serving as a versatile instant messaging platform. With GB WhatsApp, users can exchange messages, share images, transfer files, and enjoy a range of other features. The growing number of GB WhatsApp users in recent years is a testament to its widespread appeal and increasing popularity. Explore the world of GB WhatsApp and enhance your messaging experience today.

GB WhatsApp 17.80 Modified By Alexmods | Heymods | Sam Mods

GB WhatsApp by Alexmods | Heymods | Sam Mods tends to lean towards becoming a WA Mod that stands out distinctively from the original WhatsApp. Consequently, GB WhatsApp by Alexmods | Heymods | Sam Mods offers a wider variety of themed styles.

App NameGB WhatsApp
DeveloperAlexmods | Heymods | Sam Mods
Software CategoryCommunication
Size35 MB
Last UpdatedOne Day Ago
Requires Android4.4 and up

GB WhatsApp 10.06 Modified By FouadMods

The GB WhatsApp launched by FouadMods emphasizes authenticity, closely resembling the theme and layout of the original WhatsApp. Furthermore, FouadMods maintains regular updates for GB WhatsApp, ensuring its stability.

App NameGB WhatsApp
Software CategoryCommunication
Size55.7 MB
Last UpdatedOne Day Ago
Requires Android4.5 and up

In terms of functionality, the experience provided to users by GB WhatsApp V17.80 and GB WhatsApp V10.06 is entirely the same, as their core features are completely identical. Don’t hesitate; whether it’s GB WhatsApp V17.80 or GB WhatsApp V10.06, you can find the download links on this official website!

GB WhatsApp vs. Original WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp stands out from the original WhatsApp and other mods of WhatsApp, offering enhanced features and robust security. The development team behind GB WhatsApp has pushed boundaries, breaking through limitations while preserving the strengths of the original WhatsApp. As a result, there are both similarities and differences between GB WhatsApp and the original WhatsApp. Refer to the reliable comparison table below, which highlights the distinctions between GB WhatsApp 2024 and the original WhatsApp 2024, empowering users to make informed choices for their messaging needs.

Same: Blue GB WhatsApp shares the same fundamental functionalities as the original WhatsApp, including text, voice, and video chat capabilities, seamless media and file transfers, blue ticks for message read receipts, online status indicators, and much more. With GB WhatsApp, you can enjoy a familiar messaging experience while leveraging these essential features to connect with friends and family.

Differences: What sets GB WhatsApp apart are the notable differences that enhance your messaging experience. Unlike the original WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp offers greater flexibility with minimal restrictions. Users have the option to hide blue ticks and online status, giving you more control over your privacy. Additionally, GB WhatsApp introduces exclusive features not found in the original WhatsApp, such as Auto-reply functionality and a built-in App Lock for added security. Discover the unique advantages of GB WhatsApp and unlock a new level of convenience and customization in your messaging interactions.

FeatureGB WhatsApp 2024Official WhatsApp 2024
Text, voice & video chat
Group chat
Transferring photos & videosHD PicturesCompression of picture quality
Message forwardingno limit5 chats
Transferring files2GB100MB
Customizable themes, wallpapers and fonts16 MB
Hide blue ticks30 Seconds
Hide online status1GB16 MB
Auto-replyMaximum 100Maximum 30
Built-in App LockMaximum 250Maximum 10
Hide typingMore than OneOnly One
Icon changing
Bulk messaging
Always online
Chat in private

GB WhatsApp 2024: Discover the Latest Enhancements and Features

When comparing GB WhatsApp 2024 to its previous versions like GB WhatsApp 2021 and GB WhatsApp 2022, you’ll discover a multitude of fresh functionalities and improved enhancements. GB WhatsApp 2024 introduces an array of new features while also optimizing and refining the existing core elements, providing users with an enhanced messaging experience.

GB WhatsApp

Customizable Themes, Wallpapers, and Fonts

Express your personal style by customizing the look and feel of your GB WhatsApp messaging interface. Choose from a wide range of themes, wallpapers, and fonts to create a unique and visually appealing experience.

Hide Online Status

Take control of your privacy by hiding your online status. With GB WhatsApp, you have the option to appear offline even when you’re actively using the app, allowing you to browse and chat discreetly without interruptions.

Hide Blue Ticks

Maintain your privacy and read messages on your own terms. GB WhatsApp gives you the ability to hide the blue ticks, indicating that you’ve read a message, giving you more control over your communication and ensuring that your read receipts are only sent when you’re ready.


Never miss an important message with the auto-reply feature. Set up automatic responses to incoming messages, letting your contacts know that you’re unavailable or busy. This feature is especially useful when you’re unable to respond immediately but still want to acknowledge the message.

Built-in App Lock

Protect your conversations and data with the built-in App Lock feature. Safeguard your GB WhatsApp app by setting up a passcode, fingerprint, or pattern lock, adding an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorized access.

Optimized Features of GB WhatsApp

Message forwarding

Easily share messages with your contacts, allowing for seamless communication and efficient information sharing.

Icon changing

Customize your GB WhatsApp experience by selecting from a range of unique and stylish icons to personalize your chat interface.

Hide typing

Maintain your privacy and discreetly compose messages without displaying the typing indicator to others.

Bulk messaging

Save time and effort by sending messages to multiple recipients simultaneously, perfect for group announcements or business updates.

Always online

Stay connected and never miss a message with the option to keep your online status active at all times.

HD Pictures

Enjoy crystal-clear image quality when sending and receiving pictures, allowing you to appreciate every detail with enhanced visual clarity.

Chat in private

Engage in private conversations with added confidentiality and security, ensuring your messages remain private and protected.

About 2024 GB WhatsApp Latest Version V17.80

Yesterday, the Heymods | AlexMods | Sam Mods teams released the long-awaited GB WhatsApp V17.80, which shines like a brilliant star in the night sky. This update primarily focuses on enhancing Anti-Ban Protection Mechanisms. In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of the changes introduced in this release.

  • Anti-Ban Protection for New Numbers:
  • Fix Banned Numbers BETA
  • Mass Message Sender
  • New Style for Loading Fonts
  • Support Translation in Two Ways
  • Notifications and Toast in MODs
  • New Style and Buttons for WhatsApp Widget
  • Ability to Make a Call Phone with Business Accounts
  • Clear Temporary WhatsApp Files
  • Enabled Username Feature

Click here to download GB WhatsApp V17.80.

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How to Download GB WhatsApp?

Looking to download GB WhatsApp latest version APK 2024? You can find the official GB WhatsApp 2024 for download on our website, as well as on APKpure and Uptodown. Remember to bookmark our official download site, to stay updated with the latest releases of GB WhatsApp.

Downloading GB WhatsApp on your Android phone is extremely easy. While GB WhatsApp APK cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find it on trusted websites. To download GB WhatsApp for free, the first step is to find a reliable website. Simply click on the official GB WhatsApp link below to obtain the safe and free GB WhatsApp APK.

Step 1: Ensure that your phone has sufficient storage space.

Step 2: Enable the “Allow installation from unknown sources” setting on your phone. (The first and second steps are preparation and they are also crucial. Remember to keep them in mind!)

Step 3: Downloading GB WhatsApp 2024 is quite straightforward. You will need to click on the trusted download link below to download GB WhatsApp latest version.

Step 4: Click on the downloaded GB WhatsApp APK and you will see the “Install” option, click “Install” again.

Step 5: Wait for a few moments for the GB WhatsApp installation process to complete, after which users can launch the GB WhatsApp app and choose to either sign in to their existing account or create a new one.

GB WhatsApp

How to Install GB WhatsApp?

Once you have downloaded the GB WhatsApp APK on your Android phone, simply click on the GB WhatsApp APK file and the “Install” option will appear. Keep clicking and wait for a few seconds for the complete functionality of the GB WhatsApp app.

How to Update GB WhatsApp 2024?

When you need to update GB WhatsApp, you can subscribe to our official website to receive the latest news. We will promptly provide the updated version of GB WhatsApp once it becomes available. To upgrade your GB WhatsApp, you will need to follow the instructions for downloading GB WhatsApp again.

The steps to update GB WhatsApp APK are straightforward. If you are new to GB WhatsApp, you can obtain the GB WhatsApp 2024 download link from our official website by referring to the steps mentioned above. For existing GB WhatsApp users, it is recommended to back up your data before proceeding. Simply download GB WhatsApp for free from our official website and install it to enjoy the latest version.

FAQs about GB WhatsApp

Q 1. Is it free to download GB WhatsApp APK?

Absolutely! Downloading GB WhatsApp APK is completely free of charge. Users can easily access the official website and download the APK file without any cost involved. There are no hidden fees or subscriptions required to enjoy the enhanced features of GB WhatsApp. So, feel free to get the latest version and enjoy the exciting functionalities it offers.

Q 2. What sets apart downloading GB WhatsApp from our official website compared to other platforms like GBApps, GBPlus, and AndroidWaves?

First and foremost, our official website is the designated and authorized source for downloading GB WhatsApp. By downloading from here, users can be assured of a secure and legitimate source. Additionally, our official website offers a seamless and ad-free downloading experience, ensuring a secure installation process. Furthermore, we provide regular updates, keeping users informed with the latest news, features, and enhancements related to GB WhatsApp. Trust the official website for a reliable and comprehensive GB WhatsApp experience.

Q 3. What are the similarities and differences between GB WhatsApp APK mods, such as FM WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Plus?

When it comes to GB WhatsApp APK mods like GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, Yo WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, and others, there are indeed several similarities and differences among them. These mods are derived from the original WhatsApp and offer enhanced features and functionalities. While each mod brings its own unique focus, GB WhatsApp stands out with its extensive collection of themes, making it particularly popular among users. Furthermore, GB WhatsApp prioritizes stability and security, ensuring a reliable user experience. Rest assured, GB WhatsApp remains the most prominent and sought-after mod of the original WhatsApp, providing a comprehensive and secure alternative.

Q 4. Is GB WhatsApp official?

Yes, GB WhatsApp is indeed an official mod of WhatsApp. Though users cannot grab it from the Google Play Store, GB WhatsApp has its own official website where users can securely download the application. By downloading GB WhatsApp from our official website, users can enjoy the mod for free without any advertisements. Additionally, GB WhatsApp has its own dedicated development team, ensuring regular updates and maintaining the authenticity and reliability of the application.

What Variations of GB WhatsApp Are Available?

Tanto em 2021 como em 2022, a zap gb fez muito boas realizações, trazendo alegria e doçura a um número crescente de usuários. Abaixo você encontrará uma análise do excelente desempenho do zap gb 2021 e do zap gb 2022.

GB WhatsApp Original is the foundational version of GB WhatsApp and is widely used by users. It serves as the base for all other variants of GB WhatsApp listed below. With its impressive functionality and appealing design, GB WhatsApp Original offers a comprehensive experience similar to other original WhatsApp mods.

GB WhatsApp Pro caters to more advanced users, providing a wide range of enhanced and sophisticated features. Considered as the premium version of GB WhatsApp Original, it offers an extensive set of functionalities. However, for the average user, WhatsApp GB Original already encompasses a significant number of features that meet their daily needs.

GB WhatsApp Plus is specifically designed for iPhone users. Functionally, it is identical to GB WhatsApp Original but optimized for compatibility with iPhones, providing a seamless experience for iPhone users.

GB WhatsApp Azul is the most prevalent variant, commonly known as GB WhatsApp Blue. While it refers to the same application, different users may use varied terms to describe it. Some users specifically refer to it as GB WhatsApp Original in the blue color variant.

GB WhatsApp Rosa caters to Pink Lovers who prefer a pink-themed interface with pink icons, offering a visually appealing experience tailored to their preferences.

GB WhatsApp: A Look at Its Historical Versions

Over the years, GB WhatsApp has achieved remarkable success, bringing joy and delight to an ever-growing user base. Let’s delve into the notable accomplishments of GB WhatsApp in 2021 and 2022.

GB WhatsApp 2021

The launch of GB WhatsApp 2021 marked a significant milestone as it surpassed 200 million online users for the first time. With its innovative features and functionalities, GB WhatsApp, a modification of the original WhatsApp, gained widespread recognition and acceptance.

GB WhatsApp 2022

Building upon the achievements of its predecessor, GB WhatsApp 2022 aimed to enhance its appeal further, attracting over half a billion users. The buzz around GB WhatsApp on the internet is undeniable, with users expressing their enthusiasm and intrigue.

Undoubtedly, both GB WhatsApp 2021 and GB WhatsApp 2022 have left a lasting impression on users. More and more users are opting to update to GB WhatsApp latest version. This is primarily due to the noticeable improvements and enhanced user experience offered by GBWhatsApp, aligning better with their evolving needs.

About GBWhatsApp.Dev

At, we are dedicated to providing you with the ultimate experience of the famous mod of WhatsApp— As a leading platform, we offer a convenient download link for latest version on our website. By bookmarking our site, you can easily access future updates of at any time.

If you have any feedback or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by using the Contact Us option or following our social media channels.

Final Verdict

Welcome to the world of GB WhatsApp, a revolutionary WhatsApp mod that offers an enhanced messaging experience like never before. In this comprehensive article, we explore various aspects of GB WhatsApp, ranging from its introduction and key differentiators compared to the original WhatsApp, to the latest enhancements and optimized features in the 2024 version. Discover how to download, install, and update GB WhatsApp seamlessly, while also finding answers to frequently asked questions. Dive into the fascinating variations available and take a trip down memory lane as we revisit the historical versions of GB WhatsApp. Join the millions of satisfied users and experience the ultimate messaging platform by downloading GB WhatsApp today. Get ready to elevate your communication game to new heights!

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